How to run the cross platform installer?

The cross platform installer is a Java program. On most operating system, this kind of program can be run using two methods:
  • Double click on file programname.jar.
  • Open a terminal, type java -jar nomduprogramme.jar then Enter.

How to play mods?

After downloading and installing a mod pack, launch Newton Adventure, go to the options menu, click on Mod, choose the mod you want to play with then click Ok.

After install, I see no shortcut.

This is a known bug on some operating systems. On Windows XP, go to the game folder and double click the bat file (c:\Program Files\Newton Adventure\run.bat).

What version of Java are compatibles/recommended?

Newton Adventure needs a recent version of Java (7 minimum). On Windows, it is wise to take the latest Oracle Java. On Linux, use the openjdk packaged with your distribution. On Debian and Ubuntu, the default java version is 6, you will need to perform manual change.


Is there an IOS/Blackberry/Ouya/... version?

No, but I'm looking for developers to help me to make port for any platform.

The level rotation cause seasickness!

You can disable the camera rotation in the "options" menu.

I have a question and I dont find the answer in the FAQ

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