Newton Adventure is a 2D platformer with a twist: the player can rotate gravity at 360°.

Each level contains a key that must be brought to the exit door using Newton body to push it or the gravity power to make it fall. Gravity must also be used to avoid trap, kill enemy or solve puzzle.

The free base game provides 5 themed quests playable in any order for a total of 30 levels with various dexterity, exploration and reflexion gameplay flavor.

This game experience is extended by pay what you want mods.


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Newton Adventure Mod Pack 1

To get Newton Adventure Mod Pack 1, click here


The Deluxe mod add 3 special quests with new gameplay element:
  • Bomb falling and rolling: they are dangerous, but using their explosion is the only way to get out.
  • Complex color puzzle: the player and the key can change color: for example a blue object can pass thourgh blue barrier, but is vulnerable to red trap and cannot make green blocking platform disappear.
  • Accelerators: when object pass through them, they add force to the current movement, making it easy to go fast into dangerous zones.


With a neon graphic style, the Retro mod change gameplay: the goal is know to collect euro coins within very limited time in 18 new challenging levels.

Other mods

Du Châtelet Adventure

This mod allow to play a new character inspired by Emilie Du Châtelet.
Linux MacosX and other OS Download cross platform installer

Bald Adventure

This mod allow to play with a bald character.
Linux MacosX and other OS Télécharger l'installeur multiplateforme